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The real deal, the impact of ESG on Facility and Real Estate

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14:00 - Welcome with a coffee  

14:30 - Intro : Tanja Barella (belfa) & Guy Claes (CBRE)

Benoît Cruysmans - ESG & Sustainability Director BeLux (CBRE)
Why are ESG & CSRD such hot topics in 2024?
Climate change is threat for our society. I’s a fact. How is the EU preparing for the future? And how are Environmental, Social and Governance criteria (ESG) becoming key drivers for businesses, with the entry into force of the Corporate social Responsibility Directive (CSRD)? 
Benoît will introduce the CSR Directive and the EU sustainable compagnies classification system, the Taxonomy. He will discuss which Belgian compagnies are concerned by the directive and how they must report. He will also explain how this change will have a snow bowl effect for all businesses, in terms of resilience, financing, risk management and compliance. Benoît will point some concrete impacts for the real estate sector and, more specifically for property and facility managers. We will discuss potential concrete effects of CSRD on various topics such as assets values, building performances & optimization, supply chains, talent retention, reputational risks, and behavior changes.

Charlotte De Mey – Sector Relations Expert (NBN) & Charlotte Geboers - Project Manager Standards Development (NBN) 
Empowering ESG Commitments: The Crucial Role of Voluntary Standards in Europe and Beyond
Voluntary standards, and standardisation in general, are practical and crucial tools that do help organisations in Europe and throughout the world achieve their ESG related commitments. Based on consensus among all the parties that are impacted by or interested in those documents, ISO and European standards are not just ‘documents’ – they are mostly a wealth of knowledge and best practices recognised all over the world. Hundreds of them can support organisations in reaching their ESG goals, including in the framework of the CSRD.
As the Belgian national body for standardisation, NBN is the official Belgian member of ISO and of the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN). We represent the Belgian stakeholders' interests in the international and European standards making process. Many do not know that the standardisation process is open to any interested party in any country, who can then follow projects in real time and contribute to them up until publication. Both the use of standards and the bottom-up involvement in the standardisation system yield benefits to any organisation, as confirmed by the involved players in a number of recent market surveys.

15:45 - Coffee break

Mary Kate Frisby - European Commission, DG FISMA (Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Market Union) 
Introduction about the Corporate Sustainability Reporting requirements and other relevant European initiatives

Panel discussion fire camp 

- Network moment

- End


Benoît Cruysmans (CBRE)
Benoît Cruysmans joined CBRE’s Global platform of 600 ESG consultants a little more than one year ago. He currently leads the Belgium and Luxembourg ESG & Sustainability team.
Benoît has 10 years of teaching experience at the UCL Faculty of Architecture, and 20 years in the design and execution of buildings, in all sorts of asset classes, in Europe and the US.
For 7 years, Benoît has been focusing on ESG aspects and sustainability, with an MBA from Solvay Business School, an experience within the Colruyt group, and the sustainable real estate program from Cambridge University.


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26 septembre 2024
14:00 19:00 Europe/Brussels

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