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Inspiring luncheon - ESG: ‘Accelerating the transition towards net-zero in FM by discussing and sharing initiatives with your peers? Together, you know more and get further!


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Language: English

Spaces are limited and will be granted on a first come first served basis


Tom Ghelen from Accenture and Trees Verhoogen from Nextensa will open this session with a presentation on their vision regarding this transition.
Following the presentations, we open the discussion for all participant to share initiatives or discuss concerns they might have.
The message is clear Striving To Achieve Net-Zero Carbon Emissions By 2050 We are all responsible.


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Date et heure
9 décembre 2022
12:00 14:00 Europe/Brussels

Accenture nv

Gare Maritime - Picardstraat 11
1000 Brussel
--Accenture nv--
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Organisé par


+32 468 13 81 25

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