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Report Leesman : Purposeful Presence How and why employees return

It’s time to remap the landscape

The landscape has changed dramatically, but the dust hasn’t yet fully settled. Movement is still ongoing. 

We are coming to a place that may start to look like a ‘new normal’. However, we must accept that the ‘global ways of working’ experiment is still ongoing and, longitudinally, it’s perhaps 2-3 years before we will all understand the true impact on employees,
organisations and societies. There can be no argument that the work landscape is new and different, so you must remap it. You have to understand the terrain – your new workplace experience baseline –in order to chart your way forward.

Purposeful Presence and the challenge it faces

Around 80% of employees are working in a hybrid way.

Read more by downloading the Leesman report

Download the Leesman report here

16 novembre, 2022
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