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Colliers : Real Estate Trends in Belgium: Unveiling the Past, Anticipating the Future


In today's landscape, data reigns supreme, offering investors a pivotal edge in the quest for success

Brussels, 11 December 2023 – Colliers Belgium unveils an in-depth analysis of Belgium's real estate journey in 2023, highlighting challenges and trends that set the stage for 2024. This report dissects market shifts, investment patterns, and the growing impact of ESG considerations, revealing a resilient industry navigating through economic uncertainties.

Long-term interest rates saw a substantial increase in '23, presenting significant challenges for Commercial Real Estate owners and market participants as we approach '24. Looking back at the Belgian real estate scene in 2023, it proved to be a year filled with obstacles: an unstable geopolitical situation, economic uncertainty, and the continual evolution of legislation for building construction. What were the pivotal confronts encountered in 2023, and how did the sector navigate through them? What insights can be gathered from the economic and investment market trends? How did occupier markets respond to the evolving macroeconomic landscape? What role did ESG considerations and AI play in influencing industry dynamics? Looking to the future, what forecasts and opportunities does 2024 hold for the property landscape in Belgium?


12 décembre, 2023
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