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The European Green Deal is a set of policy initiatives by the European Commission with the overarching aim of making Europe climate neutral in 2050. One of the many measures is that the buildings must be renovated to reduce CO² emissions and energy consumption. The plan focuses on promoting the use of energy efficient building methods such as climate proofing buildings, increasing digitalisation and enforcing rules surrounding the energy performance of buildings.

Green Deal & FM g
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09:00 - 09:10 Welcome by Tanja Barella
09:10 - 10:00 European PropTech Association, EU Green Deal and Bauhaus Europe
PropTech at the crossroads of Green and Digital, the 2 top priorities for the European Commission
Property Technologies designed by the 3134 EU based startups/scale-ups experience an exponential growth driven by the needs of the end users of real estate, by the need for efficiency and the implementation of the EU Green deal. Dirk Paelinck & Rudy Aernoudt will provide the overview of the European PropTech market, the implications of the EU Green deal & Bauhaus Europe as well as the specific needs for financing these  new property technologies. We will zoom in on unique partnerships such as the European Space Agency Proptech program and we will explain how your company can benefit from the PropTech boom.
Dirk Paelinck & Rudy Aernoudt - European PropTech Association
10:00 - 10:30 Towards smarter buildings
From energy efficient to smart buildings: insights from EU policies and research
The building sector is a crucial element in the transition towards a fully decarbonized and sustainable future. Stijn Verbeke will provide a brief overview of the European policy instruments dealing with the quality and environmental performance of the European building stock (including the EU “Green Deal” and “Renovation Wave”). Next, we will zoom in on how smart technologies can help improving building operation by introducing the assessment framework of the European Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI). Finally, some case studies will illustrate how data and data analytics are essential in making optimal decisions on building performance upgrades.
Stijn Verbeken – EnergyVille/VITO
10:30 - 10:40 BREAK
10:40 - 11:10

Renovation and asbestos – what role can FM play?
Renovation and the magic mineral (or do we better say the evil dust). Make your contribution to the Green Deal and take care of the wellbeing of yourself and others.
Buildings are responsible for about 40% of the EU's energy consumption, and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions from energy. But only 1% of buildings undergo energy efficient renovation every year, so effective action is crucial to making Europe climate-neutral by 2050. European policy and funding has already had a positive impact on the energy efficiency of new buildings, which now consume only half the energy of those built over 20 years ago. However, 85% of buildings in the EU were built over 20 years ago, and 85-95% are expected to still be standing in 2050. The Renovation Wave is needed to bring them up to similar standards.
Even asbestos is not part of the Greendeal it is interlinked with renovations. Asbestos, also called the evil dust, is still here. Approximately 850.000 tonnes of asbestos is still present in our offices and governmental buildings. Knowing that yearly still 1.200 people pass away due to the consequences of asbestos, we all need to take our responsibility not tomorrow but today.
Davy Van Den Meerssche - Core Fm

11:10 - 11:40 Key climate & environmental driving forces
There are a few key climate & environmental driving forces that will influence our daily life in the coming years: The USA is back into the Paris Agreement, the Green Deal takes the lead within the global climate engagements, climate disruption is more and more tangible with potentially devastating effects on our planet, civilization & economies… it is such a broad & constantly evolving matter where some key 'planet saving principles' could serve as a North Star to keep us on track whatever happens with politics.
Antoine Geerinckx (CO2logic) will briefly share with you a few of the key driving forces within the complex climate change issues. This should give you a better idea of a few key planet saving principles to integrate in your professional vision.
Antoine Geerinckx - CO2 Logic 
11:40 - 12:10 The transformation of the former Philips-tower
The multi tower is a 42.000m² office project in the heart of Brussels, recognised for its urban planning and sustainable qualities. Besides having won a BE-Exemplary award in 2017, it is also one of the pilot projects of the Green Deal Circular Building Flanders. Circular aspects such as conservation, reuse, disassembly and CO2 neutrality are of key importance in this project. 
This presentation will explain the project and how it is being transformed. It will clarify when and how certain choices were made to be able to realise the urban and circular ambitions. It will go deeper into the aspects of reuse and dismantling, with a clear picture of the risks but also the added values, and how this can be understood from a facility perspective. In addition, the presentation will also clarify how the new way of working was integrated into the project, with a particular focus on soft transport, the importance of outdoor spaces and the integration of smart technologies.
Frédéric Van der Planken - Whitewood
12:10 - 12:30 Q&A

About the speakers

Rudy Aernoudt - European PropTech Association
Rudy Aernoudt is Senior Economist, Chief Economist Team at the Eurpopean Commission. He is also Professor Corporate Finance and European policy with an outstanding International and European experience (MIT, European Commission, European Council and European Social and Economic Committee). Experienced and skilled in Corporate Social Responsibility. Masters in Thomistic Philosophy (KUL), Economy (KUL) and European economy (college of Europe). Co-founder of EBAN, the European Business Angels Network and of FREE (the Foundation for the Research on Education and Entrepreneurship). Columnist (FD Magazine, CXO and Trends) and author of several books (30+) and papers (300+) on corporate finance, politics and economics. His handbooks 'Financial Management in Practice' and 'Entrepreneurship, no guts, no glory' (both Intersentia, Cambridge), are widely used both in the academic and the business world.

Antoine Geerinckx - CO2 Logic
His passion for climate & environmental issues are a daily drive to orchestrate added value services for organisations willing to pioneer and be part of the urgent transition towards a low impact economy.



Dirk Paelinck - European PropTech Association
Dirk Paelinck is a serial entrepreneur in innovative real estate concepts. He is the co-founder and Chairman of the European PropTech Association, composed of 24 national PropTech associations in Europe with a total of 3134 startups/scale-ups as members, as well as all the largest European real estate corporates. The mission of the European PropTech Association is to standardize the fragmented PropTech market, to create a legal framework adapted to PropTech in Europe, to scale up cross border collaboration, to produce unique market insights and to facilitate access to funding. He organizes with the European PropTech Association,  the PropTech StartUp & Scale-up Europe Awards, supported and promoted by the European Commission and the European Parliament. He is also the founder and CEO of the Belgian independent coworking space operator Interoffices and CEO of the international PropTech scale-up Workero, which has received the Seal of Excellence & funding from the European Commission. He previously was the Area Sales Director of multiple EMEA countries for Regus, has developed his own real estate projects and was Manager at Mercedes-Benz Belgium-Luxembourg.

Davy Van Den Meerssche - Core Fm
36 jaar, owner of Core Fm.
After 15 years working for national and international companies as Facilities & Real Estate manager, Davy decided to start up his own business. The believe in the need for healthy and climate neutral buildings made him taking extra courses in renovation management and asbestos. Advising companies, governmental institutions and private persons in getting our buildings healthy for ourselves and the next generations.

Stijn Verbeke - EnergyVille/VITO
Stijn Verbeke is senior researcher at EnergyVille/VITO and University of Antwerp. He is an innovator on smart buildings and data-driven tools for improving the energy performance of buildings and districts. Stijn holds a PhD degree in applied engineering and lectures courses on building physics and energy performance of buildings for engineering students at the University of Antwerp. He was principal developer of the European Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) for buildings, one of the key instruments in the EU green deal and EU renovation wave.


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